P2K Youth Firearm Safety & Education Program

This program concentrates on teaching youngsters safety, responsibility, discipline and skill building using marksmanship as the vehicle.
Young shooters are provided a formal class as a first step during which all of the basics are clearly explained using lecture, video presentations and actual firearms demonstrations.

Adult instructors and parents guide the new shooters in the skills needed to safely operate and fire 22 rimfire bolt action rifles.
A variety of targets are used.

If you have a youngster who shows an interest in the shooting sports, this program offers a safe, affordable and fun way to get started.

Students are required to pre-register and arrive at 9:30 AM.
First time shooter's should dress comfortably and all safety gear and necessary equipment is provided.
Cost for 1 1/2 hour program is $25.00 all inclusive.

Repeat Junior Shooters 1 hour program cost is $10.00 includes ammunition, rifle, targets and additional instruction.

Repeat Juniors Shooter's will learn a new skill each session. Trigger pull, sight allignment, multiple shooting positions, firearm care and maintenance.

Juniors that have attended four sessions in a calendar year will receive a P2K t-shirt.

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