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P2K Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to come in if I've never shot before?

Anytime is great for new shooters. P2K Pro Staff assists new shooters every day.
Everyone has to start somewhere! We pride ourselves in assisting shooter's in a sport we
are passionate about. P2K Range also offers many classes and clinics to educate you in
the shooting sports.
See the P2K website education link for more information.

Will someone help me if I've never shot before?

Of course! P2K Staff will even assist you on the range for your first few shots to make
sure you are comfortable and safe. If you are renting a firearm, P2K Staff will make sure
you have a full understanding of all of the features and how the firearm operates.

Does P2K Range have any ammunition restrictions?

P2K Range allows any California Legal Ammunition that is in safe condition.
Armor Piercing Ammunition is not allowed! Tracer Ammunition is not legal in California.

What ages can shoot at P2K Range?

Any age is welcome at P2K Range. Children under eighteen years of age must be
accompanied by an adult. Certain firearms have age restrictions, long guns must have
someone over eighteen years of age in the group or party and handguns must have
someone over 21 years of age in the group or party. P2K Range recommends that
children under eight years old not enter the indoor ranges. P2K has many viewing areas
that will keep youngsters of any age involved while you are on the range.

Does P2K Range have any caliber restrictions?

Any caliber under 50 BMG is allowed on the range. 50 BMG and any other 50 BMG
cased derivatives, .416 Barrett, 50 DTC, etcetera are prohibited for P2K Range use.

Are P2K Range Shotgun Sports Ranges open at night?

Yes! P2K Range is open Monday through Friday evening until 9:00 p.m. The shotgun
ranges are fully lighted for the best possible target presentation.

Can I bring my own firearm and ammunition?

Yes! As long as your firearm is in good repair and safe to use, it is welcome at P2K. All
ammunition must be California legal and be in safe condition.

Does P2K Range rent firearms?

Yes. P2K range has over one hundred rental firearms. Rifle, pistol and shotgun varieties
in many calibers for daily use. Great to "Try before you buy!" P2K Range also rents
shooting rest and optics for your shooting sports enjoyment. For complete rental policy details and requirements Click Here.

Can I shoot my black powder firearm at P2K Range?

Yes! P2K allows black powder firearms on designated lanes on the indoor range. The
San Diego County Muzzle Loaders meet monthly and have a fun shoot on the P2K
Training Range. Please check the P2K calendar for dates and times.

Can you help me sight in my rifle and new scope?

P2K Pro Staff assists rifle shooters several times a day sighting in their new scope or resighting
their old scope. We are experts! With the largest one hundred yard indoor range
on the west coast, P2K Pro Staff will help you get the most out of your rifle and optics.
P2K Range offers laser bore sights for rent and special sight in targets that will ensure

Can I make reservations?

P2K Range takes all shooters on a first come first serve basis.
No reservations are required.

Do you have gift cards?

Yes! Gift cards are available in any denomination. They are available at any
register, ask a P2K Pro Staff Member for assistance.

Is there a dress code at P2K Range?

Yes! Eye and ear protection is required on all ranges. Shirts and shoes are also required.
Other clothing options are highly recommended to keep you comfortable and safe during
your participation in the shooting sports. Closed toed shoes will keep hot spent casings
from burning your feet. Low cut shirts and tank tops also expose sensitive skin areas that
can be subject to burns from hot spent casings or clay target debris. Hats on the Five
Stand Sporting Clays Range can prevent incoming target debris from landing on your
scalp. Some jewelry may interfere with the use of safety gear.

How do I bring in my own firearm to P2K Range?

All firearms must be unloaded and actions open and carried in safe way that everyone
can see the open action. Cased unloaded firearms are preferred but not required. If you
need assistance, please leave the firearm in your vehicle and ask a P2K Pro Staff
Member to assist you. We are here to help!

Do you have a pattern board or point of impact board for shotguns?

Yes! See a P2K Range Staff Member or Range Safety Officer for assistance and they will
get you set up.

Do you allow pets or hunting dogs at P2K Range?

P2K Range is pet friendly! No pets are allowed on any firing line with the exception of
special training events. You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet and keeping
them on a leash at all times. Please read the complete P2K Range Pet Policy located on
the information boards or ask a P2K Staff Member.

Can I bring a group to P2K Range?

Of course! P2K Range host many types of group outings. Bachelor parties, church
groups, birthday parties, corporate bonding, fundraising groups, and more. Call P2K
Range if you need more information.

Can I use my chronograph at P2K Range?

Yes. P2K Range has designated lanes for chronograph use. Infrared chronographs can
be used on most lanes.

Do you sell ammunition?

Yes. P2K Range has a well stocked Pro Shop. We try to carry an assortment of every
available caliber including obsolete cartridges.
P2K Range also carries a variety of reloading components and gear.

Can anyone come to P2K Range?

Yes, Provided you are not in a prohibited legal category. If you have questions, please
contact your probation or parole office, mental health physician or the California
Department of Justice.

Can I shoot my air rifle at P2K Range?

Yes. Air rifles and BB guns can be used on the indoor ranges. P2K Range's fixed
benches are ideal for sighting in or just plinking.

Does P2K Range have a youth program?

P2K Range offers youth programs in rifle and shotgun disciplines. Each month the Junior
Safety & Shooting Program gets youth versed in small bore rifle safety and
marksmanship. P2K Range's youth shotgun program, P2K Scholastic Clay Target
Program, practices every Tuesday evening and competes in many shotgun venues
throughout Southern California. Learn more about both programs on the P2K website or
call the P2K Pro Shop.

Does P2K Range offer private instruction?

P2K Range has several coaches and instructors available for personal training by
appointment only. Personal instruction is subject to range and personnel availability.
Please call P2K Range if you have questions or need an appointment.

Does P2K Range offer classes?

Yes. P2K Range has a wide array of classes. California Hunter Safety Education,
National Rifle Association(NRA) First Steps Pistol Program, Thirty State CCW Class,
Introduction to Shotgun Sports Program, NRA Practical Pistol, Cartridge Reloading
Classes, National Shooting Sports Foundation First Shots Program, Security Guard
Certification and Training and more! P2K Range offers several monthly classes and
courses are added often. Please visit P2K Range's website for a complete class
schedule and additional information.

Can I draw from my holster at P2K Range?

No. For safety reasons, P2K Range prohibits drawing firearms from the holster. Holsters
can be worn with the firearm carried unloaded with the action open.

Does P2K Range require a class before someone can shoot on the range?

No classes are required. P2K Range does promote safety and responsible firearm use.
Classes and proper instruction are a great way to learn all of the safety rules and
practices, prevent poor marksmanship habits, understand current laws, build confidence
and skill, learn proper care of your firearm and accessories, and fully understand good

Does P2K Range have leagues or competitions?

P2K Range offers leagues and competitions for rifle, pistol and shotgun. Leagues and
competitions start throughout the year depending on facility availability. Please visit P2K
Range's website for more information.

Does P2K Range sell firearms or other shooting accessories?

P2K Range's Pro Shop has hundreds of new, used and consignment firearms in stock
and a wide variety of shooting accessories, range bags, targets, optics, clothing, holsters,
slings, cleaning gear, hard cases, safes and lock boxes, reloading components,
flashlights, knives and tools, personal safety gear, firearm rest, and more! Come on in
and take a look! Directions are on the P2K Range website.

Does P2K Range administer the California Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC)?

P2K's Pro Staff has certified professionals that are qualified to administer the HSC for
those residents that desire to purchase a handgun. HSC Cards are a requirement to
purchase a handgun. California State Fees are $25.00 and HSC Cards are valid for five
years. Please call P2K Range for the current schedule of P2K's Pro Staff that are
certified to administer the HSC.

Is P2K Range family friendly?

Of course! P2K Range wants everyone's experience in the shooting sports to be positive,
safe, and enjoyable! Bringing your kids, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, parents or any
friend for that matter, will make your shooting sports experience even better!